Collecting data via Mobenzi web forms can be re restricted to fieldworkers that are assigned to the form. This will require fieldworkers to enter a unique code to access the form and capture data.

If you have lost your access code, contact your manager/project administrator to retrieve the unique code from the Mobenzi console.

This unique code can be found on the fieldworker's profile page. Users with the permission to "Manage all team members in the project" can log in to the console, navigate to the Team tab and select the fieldworker from the team members listed. Click to view the access code in the 'User details' section'. This code can be copied and shared with the fieldworker in order to access the web form and collect data.

Settings for capturing data using the Mobenzi web forms are covered in our article on Web Collection Settings.

Note: Access codes should be kept confidential and only be shared with the specified fieldworker.