Your project dashboard is a convenient place for you to view and manage all the forms in your current project. Once you have selected a form from the quick-switch menu, navigate to the project's Dashboard (1). Selecting the settings icon next to a form's name (2) allows you to access basic actions for this form.  

From the dashboard, the following form actions are available:

Form Overview

Selecting Overview from the drop-down menu will direct you to the Overview page for that specific form.

Edit form

Selecting Edit form from the drop-down will direct you to the Design page for that specific form. This action will only be available to users with permission to 'Design a form'.

Preview form

This will open the Preview of your form in its default language. 


An existing form can be duplicated and will contain all the same fields, including hints, options, validation, references and skip logic as in the original form. This will only be available to users with permission to 'Design a form'.

The duplicated form will be listed on the same project dashboard under 'Draft Forms'. The name of the duplicated form will be the same as the original form, appended by "(copy)". You can edit the form name on the Design page.

Move to another project

This will allow you to move Draft, Published or Closed forms between any projects that you have access to. This option is only available to paid plans, and will only be available to users with permission to 'Move a form from one project to another'.

All fieldworkers assigned to a form will be unassigned when moving the form to a different project, even if those fieldworkers are also assigned to the destination project. 


Deleting a form will permanently delete all fields, data (submissions) received and reports associated with the form. The form will be removed from all fieldworker handsets. Only users with the 'Design a formpermission may delete a form. Note: You cannot undo deleting a form.  

Hint: For more information on permissions, have a look at our article on User Permissions