If you have the correct permissions, you can perform certain actions to multiple handsets at once. These bulk actions are limited to 1000 handsets at a time.  

You can choose to:  

  • Unassign the handset(s)
  • Enable the handset(s)
  • Disable the handset(s)
  • Delete the handset(s)
  • Activate Lockdown on the selected handset(s) (if Lockdown was added to this account)
  • Deactivate Lockdown on the selected handset(s) (if Lockdown was added to this account)

To perform an action on selected handsets:

  1. Select the handsets that should be affected. You can either individually select the handsets by checking the tick box next to it, or you can use bulk selection/deselection.
  2. Choose your action from the drop-down to the right.
  3. Click on 'Apply to selected'.

Note: handset actions will only be allowed within the limits of your current plan. I.e. if you are trying to enable more devices than are allowed on your plan, this action will have no effect and you will receive a warning message on why it could not be executed.

If you have access to multiple projects and you have permission to manage handsets in one project but not in another, you will only be allowed to perform actions on the handsets you have access to manage. In such a case, you will see a warning similar to the one below when performing bulk actions: