The Mobenzi "Notifications" module contains notifications about important events and messages sent by your team from the web console. 

Users will be notified when a form is assigned/unassigned or when a new version of a form is published. These notifications are automatically sent to fieldworkers and will appear in the app under "Notifications" along with an alert in the handset's notification tray. The communicate feature can be used to send messages to your field team from the Mobenzi web console.

Note: Sending messages from the Mobenzi console are covered in our help article: Communicate with your team

When a new notification or message is received, the Notifications module will update to indicate an unread message.

Tap on a notification to expand and view the full message. Once the notification is expanded, select to mark the notification as read or close it. Tapping on "Mark as read" will move the notification from "New" to "Archive". You can permanently delete an archived (read) notification by selecting the Archived notification and choosing "Delete permanently".

Note: Fieldworkers cannot respond to messages or notifications from the app.