The Help module provides resources to assist with resolving common technical issues and contains information required by the Mobenzi support team to assist you should you run into any problems.

From the home screen, tap on the Help icon to access information such as:

  • 'Recent app changes' - for information and a brief description of any recent changes to the the mobile app.
  • 'Checking connectivity/airtime balance' - for checking sync status, connection speed and information on airtime balance
  • 'Troubleshooting common problems'
  • 'My handset info' -  for information about your handset including the IMEI, Android ID and Gateway version.
  • 'Project Resources' - for information about resources that have been downloaded.

Note: The 'Diagnostics' and 'Support' menus are only to be used when the Mobenzi support team instructs you to do so. 

Upload diagnostics

You may be asked by the Mobenzi support team to Upload Diagnostics as part of troubleshooting issues you might be experiencing.

To do this, ensure you have connectivity (either wifi or mobile data), open the 'Help' module and scroll down to 'Diagnostics'(1). Next, tap on 'Upload diagnostics'(2). You will receive a notification message that the diagnostics upload has been submitted.

Once you have followed these steps and uploaded diagnostics, notify your manager/team administrator or the Mobenzi support team for next steps.