The "My Activity" module allows fieldworkers to see a graphical view of their recent data collection activity. The fieldworker can choose to view their recent submissions for the current day, previous day, last 7 days, current month or previous month. The total number of submissions (across all forms) for the period selected is displayed, as well as the number of submissions captured for each individual form. The duration of the shortest and longest submission for the selected time period as well as the average submission duration is also displayed. 

Note: pending uploads are not included in any of the stats or charts.

If the period selected is "Today" or "Yesterday", activity is displayed by time of day (each bar represents a 2-hour window).

If the period selected is the "Last 7 days", activity for the current day and the previous six days are displayed - indicated by the day of the week.

If the period selected is "This month" or "Last month", activity is displayed for each day in the respective month.