Submission event hooks are used for notifying external systems about events related to a submission. There are three different event triggers that can be configured at a form level, namely:

  • Submission received - triggered when a new submission is uploaded
  • Submission modified - triggered when a user modifies a submission
  • Submission deleted - triggered when a user deletes a submission

It is possible to configure a URL endpoint for each of these events that will be called in real-time as the event occurs. Several GET parameters will be posted to the specified URL at the time of the event occurring. These parameters include:

  submissionid  uniqueidentifierIdentifies the submission uniquely
  surveyid  integerIdentifies which form the submission was for
  externalid  stringUser-defined reference to the form
  customid  stringUser-defined instance id (usually set by the override handler)
  createdon  datetimeDate/time at which the submission was received. Only present for a "Submission Received" trigger
  createdby  stringName of the fieldworker who uploaded the submission. Only present for a "Submission Received" trigger
  modifiedon  datetimeDate/time at which the submission was modified. Not present for a "Submission Received" type
  modifiedby  stringName of the user who modified the submission. Not present for a "Submission Received" type
  submissionjson  string If "Include the full submission as post data" is checked on the trigger configuration this parameter will contain a JSON object representing the entire submission

Submission trigger configuration

  1. From the Design tab select the 'Settings' icon in the toolbar.
  2. Select 'API Integration settings' from the drop-down options list.

  • Enter a URL for each of the events you wish to handle.
  • Once a trigger URL has been configured, the URL will trigger immediately for all future events of that type for that form.
  •  To remove an existing trigger simply clear the trigger URL field and click Save.