If your organisation has subscribed to the Standard plan or above, you can communicate centrally with your field team by sending messages directly from the web console. Fieldworkers can access messages from the Notifications module on the Mobenzi mobile app. 

There are two options when sending messages to your field team: 

Note: Fieldworkers require Gateway v80 or above to receive messages and notifications. Steps to upgrade to the latest version of the Mobenzi mobile app are covered here.

Communicate with an individual fieldworker

  1. Go to the "Teamtab and select the fieldworker you want to send a message to.
  2. On their profile, under the "Actions" section in the panel on the right, select "Communicate". 
  3. Type your message and click "Send".

Note: If there are no handsets assigned to the fieldworker, the option to send a message using the 'Communicate' feature will be disabled.

Communicate with multiple people (bulk messaging)

You can communicate with all fieldworkers assigned to a specific form:

  1. Select the relevant form and go to the form's "Overview" tab. 
  2. From the panel on the right, select "Communicate"  under the "Fieldworkers" section.
  3. Type your message in the space provided and click "Send". The message will be sent to all fieldworkers assigned to the form.

Send media and documents from your project's resource library by selecting "Attach a resource". Simply select the resource from the drop-down list and send it along with your message.

Tip: To send links to your team, copy and paste the url in your message - for example https://www.mobenzi.com/. Be sure to include https:// in the url. Connectivity will be required to open urls from the notifications module on the mobile app. Tapping on the url will open the link in a new web page.

In addition to direct messages that can be sent to your team via the mobile app, users will be notified when a form is assigned/unassigned or when a new version of a form is published. These notifications are automatically sent to fieldworkers and will appear in the app under "Notificationsalong with an alert in the handset's notification tray. When a new message or notification is received, the icon will update to indicate an unread message.

Note: Fieldworkers cannot respond to messages or notifications from the app.