Fieldworkers must have at least one handset assigned to them to be able to capture data using the Mobenzi mobile app. This handset needs to be linked to your Mobenzi console either by using the project's unique code or by adding the handset's IMEI/unique identifier to the console.

If your fieldworkers have used the project code to link their handsets to the Mobenzi console, their handsets will automatically be assigned to them.

However, if you have added a handset to the Mobenzi console using its IMEI/unique identifier, you will need to assign it to the fieldworker that is going to use it:

1. In the Handsets tab, search for the handset that you would like to assign by using the filters

2. When you have found the handset, click on its IMEI to access the drop-down. 

3. In the drop-down, select 'Update assignment'.

4. In the pop-up that appears, click on the drop-down menu next to 'Assign To'. The number next to the fieldworker's name indicates the number of handsets currently assigned to that fieldworker. Select the fieldworker that you would like to assign the handset to.

5. Click 'Assign handset'.

Note: If you have not added the fieldworker to your project yet, their name will not appear on this drop-down list. When you assign a handset to a fieldworker, the fieldworker must already have been added to your project.

Follow the same steps if you wish to reassign a handset to a different fieldworker at any time during your project. You will also be able to access handset assignments by going to the individual fieldworker profile on the console.