Note: You only need to assign forms to fieldworkers if you intend to use the Mobenzi mobile app for data collection or restrict access to web forms to assigned fieldworkers.

A fieldworker will only be able to access a form from the mobile app if it has been assigned to them. If you no longer want a fieldworker to have access to a form, you can unassign the form. Form assignments can be managed from the Collect tab. The assignment status icon next to each fieldworker's name indicates whether a survey and its updates are currently assigned to a fieldworker.

To assign/unassign forms:

  1. Navigate to the 'Collect tab' of the form you would like to assign.
  2. On the 'Fieldworker Collection' page, select the fieldworkers involved:
    • Use the filters to determine which fieldworkers are listed.
    • Select/deselect fieldworkers individually by ticking/clearing the checkbox next to each fieldworker's name OR,
    • Use the 'Select All' button to bulk select fieldworkers matching the currently selected filters (including those not shown on the first page of results)
  3. In the drop-down menu at the top of the fieldworker list, select one of the below and click 'Apply': 
    • 'Assign form' to assign the form to the selected fieldworkers OR,
    • 'Unassign form' to remove the form from the selected fieldworkers


Use the filters at the top of the page to quickly list:

  • All fieldworkers with access to the project that you are currently in.
  • Fieldworkers currently assigned to the form that you are viewing.
  • Fieldworkers not currently assigned to the form that you're viewing.
  • Fieldworkers assigned to the form who do not have the latest version of the form downloaded.

Note: When using the mobile app for data collection, fieldworkers must have at least one handset assigned to them to be able to receive and complete a form via the mobile app.

Assignment status icons

When the filter is selected, the matching fieldworkers are displayed. An icon next to each fieldworker indicates the current assignment status of the selected form:

  • Green: the form is assigned to the fieldworker and they have downloaded the latest version of the form.
  • Yellow: the form is assigned to the fieldworker but they have not yet downloaded it, or they do not have the latest version of it.
  • Grey: the form is not assigned to the fieldworker.

Note: Fieldworkers will receive any updates made to the assignments of forms once they have internet connectivity.