There is a limit on the number of handsets that can be enabled on your account depending on the plan you are on. To help you stay within your handset limits, you can disable and enable handsets from the console if you have permissions to manage handsets

You will be able to see whether a handset is disabled or enabled by looking at the handset's icon on the Handsets tab. If you hover over the icon with your mouse pointer, you will also see a tool tip indicating the handset's status. 

How to enable/disable a device

  1. Click on the identifier of the disabled handset you wish to enable or the enabled handset you wish to disable. 
  2. In the drop-down, select 'Enable handset' or 'Disable handset'.


When a handset is disabled, the Mobenzi app will be blocked on the fieldworker's handset and they will not be able to collect data. The handset will still be listed on your Handsets tab under the Manage Handsets ribbon. If a handset is disabled, the fieldworker who is trying to use the handset will see the following message when trying to open the Mobenzi app:

Device limit

If you try to enable more handsets than your plan limit allows, you will see the message below. You will have to disable devices first before you will be allowed to enable more. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a plan that better suits your needs from the Manage Account page (if you are an account holder).