Once you are logged into the Console, you can manage your account settings using the drop-down in the top right corner (1) and navigating to My Account (2).  

You will be directed to the Account Management Overview page. From here, you can view information about your account such as:

  • Subscription information - e.g. current plan, billing cycle, latest invoice and next re
  • Usage - the number of enabled handsets, submissions, projects, web users and storage for your account
  • Add-ons - view current and/or add new

You can also navigate to more detailed account information using the panel on the right. This includes:

  • Account Settings - edit the account's name and request to transfer ownership
  • Change Plan - upgrade/downgrade your current plan, cancel your account or purchase add-ons
  • Edit Billing - update your account billing details and payment method
  • History - view and download previous and/or current invoices